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Saving the world one device at a time

How to “Get IT Right” in the Cloud

Keep your business at the fingertips of those who need it, you, your people and your clients. Then, keep it safe. Rather than take a chance, your business can get expert advice on the best of breed cloud services, email, file storage, backups, software and...

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Why can’t you have the best? … or can you?

Did you ever feel like you didn't get the best from your IT support. The legendary help and service you need comes with our "Core Solutions". The traditional support and development of information technology in business handled professionally, quickly and efficiently...

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Enough of the IT geek speak already…

Ambient iT was founded in 2005 by Amber Worth and Cliff Bree who saw a need to help businesses find real quality advice, support, and strategic direction. We chatted with Amber about the inception of Ambient iT and how the business continues to successfully support...

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Ethics and Trust in the IT Industry

Like doctors and lawyers, IT is a trust industry. At Ambient iT we say it, we live by it, our clients depend on it. As a business owner you are passionate about your business, your clients and your data which is why it is so important that you are being looked after...

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Tech Support Scams

Unsolicited phone calls offering to help clean up the viruses on your computer and many other scams are rampant these days scaring people into reacting and believing that they are getting help

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